Sunday, November 21, 2010

EUROPE and RECORDS. (updated 12-02-10)

We have been discussing going to Europe in June of 2011 for quite sometime now and its finally coming around. We are planning right now and figuring out who we will be doing these shows if you want to play with us on any of these or can help out...please hit me up!! ( , Confirmed shows are in bold)

So far here are the tentative dates:
June 9th- Liege, Belgium -Carlo Levi
10th- paris, FR -  TBA
11th- caen, FR - need help
12th- lille, FR - need help
14th- hamburg- need help
15th- berlin- need help
16th- leipzig- need help
17th- dresden- need help
18th- prague - Need Help
19th- munich - - need help
20th- milan- need help
21st- zurich- need help
22nd- GER- need help
23rd- GER- need help
24th- Germany - CMAR
25th - Karlsruhe,
Germany - New Noise Festival

 All of our records are ALMOST done I promise.  The Split with Adobe Homes was sent to the press last week and the suffix split should be sent out any day now! Our One-sided Lp is probably going to be sent to press in the coming weeks! Below is the cover to the Life Moves lp. STOKED! This will be out in mid-late january!

So, We just put ALL of the merch on the bigcartel on sale! Go Check it and tell everyone you know!


Friday, October 22, 2010

good friends, good times and first show back!

So, we have been home and writing for a new record and finishing up some art work for the splits!!

November 5th we have a show with our friends in Acts of Sedition, Lumber Lung(santa barbara) and Until Your Heart Stops!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Site.

So, here it is. The (hopefully) frequently updated Beau Navire page!

We will be posting up on here from now on instead of myspace and hope you'll keep checking back!
The myspace will be left up, just not updated too often.

The Adobe Homes split is going to be a one sided 7 inch with glow in the dark vinyl and a screened B-side! This should be sent to the plant within the next three weeks! 
The Suffix split is almost all wrapped up as well, i hope to see this go to the plant within the next month! (I'll post art for this very soon).
We are also working on a one sided 12", this will be a co-release on SHOVE RECORDSMOMENT OF COLLAPSE and MELOTOV RECORDS. More details to come!

This week we started planning our summer of 2011 European tour. If you can help out booking or just want to hangout, please email us! We will be playing at CMAR for sure and plenty of rad shows with amazing bands and new friends all over!!
Within the next year we hope to also make it to the East Coast or Canada for a week or so. More Details for that as well.

Here are some pictures and videos from the weekend with Loma Prieta/Damages and us! Thanks to everyone whom helped book a show, put us up, or hungout! you all rule!
Now I leave you with links to the only two videos i know of, and the few photos from tour! Thanks a ton!!

LOMA PRIETA @ Sub-Mission SF
BEAU NAVIRE @ Sub-Mission SF
Photo Credit: Kenny Gabe

Photo Credit: Kenny Gabe

Photo Credit: Kenny Gabe

Photo Credit: Kenny Gabe

Photo Credit: Kenny Gabe